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Digital Signage – Apex Communications Group

Companies such as banks, restaurants, retailers, malls, hotels, museums, sports stadiums, universities, airports and other public areas are taking advantage of the power of digital display signage.

Do you want your business to Stand out?

Flexible Technology

Take control of your meeting spaces

Help your employees and visitors find their meeting or book a room on the spot. Digital room signs eliminate confusion by showing room schedules outside each door, and all calendar data is fed by your existing scheduling app – no additional work required.


Digital display used for advertising, building brand awareness and delivering important information about a company’s products and services via high-quality graphics and videos.

  • boost in revenue
  • Increased recall and retention rate
  • content rich
  • reduced perceived wait time

Display  a dynamic variety  of content including photos, videos, documents, customized fonts, colors and layouts.

Display  live content such as social media feed , weather, live stream, the latest news and headlines.

Digital Display Signage strongly influence purchasing decisions, especially since 60% of a shopper’s purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Plus, around 80% of brands that use digital signage displays experience an increase in sales of up to 33%.

According to a Bank of America study, people who stand in line for more than three minutes often start to overestimate their actual wait times significantly. But when a digital display was installed in a test location, the degree of overestimation of wait times dropped from 32% to 15%. A strategically placed digital display, conveying appropriate and informative content, can help your members pass the time.


ACG provides effective digital media solutions and innovative communication strategies to position you as competitors within your industry.

Through the integration of video production and marketing, 3D animation and graphics design, as well as social media management, we offer a blend of traditional and new techniques.

As your Digital Media Experts, ACG  offers you a diverse array of premium services including professional and modern website design, creative HD video production that is visually stunning, compelling and engaging, dynamic graphic design, and innovative 3D animation.


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Digital display used for advertising, building brand awareness and delivering important information about a company’s...

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